Financial Freedom is a goal that everyone has but not everyone is able to achieve it. The reason is that most people lack of knowledge and awareness how to achieve this goal. This is not taught in school. We are taught to go to school and obtain some sort of certification so we can go to the work force and get a job that pays our bills and living.

In Tony Robbins’ new book called “Money: Master The Game” he talks about 7 steps that anyone can use to achieve financial freedom. In the financial world, what you don’t know will hurt you. In this book, Tony had interviewed the financial masters of the world today, including Ray Dalio, Carl Icahn, David Swensen, John C. Bogle, Warren Buffet, Paul Tudor Jones, Mary Callahan Erdoes, T. Boone Pickens, Kyle Bass, Marc Faber, Charles Schwab, and Sir John Templeton. This interview will explain what these 7 steps are.

Tony Robbins has coached over 50 million people from 100+ countries in almost 4 decades. Tony Robbins live events such as Unleash The Power Within have attracted more than 4 million attendees. Everyone who studies personal development will know his name. If you are serious about your finance, get this book and apply the strategies inside, because these tactics come from the world’s most financially successful people.